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Brian White


“When human beings experience failure with exercise or eating right, it is not uncommon for their mind to just say “screw it”. My great passion is taking these subjects and breaking them down into an actionable plan that helps people feel less anxiety, find a healthier perception of themselves, and take accountability in their own health.”




Our employee health presentations are targeted, dynamic, and designed to educate desk workers. They can be customized to fit the exact needs of your company, and we welcome the opportunity to design a presentation around your current or future wellness initiatives, too. Most presentations will have handouts that accompany them for employees. Some presentations may require resistance bands and employees to participate in a small amount of exercise.


Most Popular Employee Health Presentations


Becoming a Workday Warrior


This presentation is based on the book, Becoming a Workday Warrior. Employees will learn a plan that any desk worker can follow without disrupting the office. Through practical hacks, sound exercise advice, and actionable nutrition tips, this employee health presentation is useful to anyone who is trying to combat the stress, long hours, and sedentary nature of the modern office job.


Your Computer Is Trying To Kill You: Your Daily Desk Routine To Make Sure It Doesn’t


Employees will learn that having a regular exercise routine is not enough to stave off the negative health effects associated with sitting for long periods of time. They’ll learn how to set up a daily exercise routine at their desk. Employees will be performing exercises during this presentation.


How to Thrive at Your Desk Job With Nutrition


Nutrition is the biggest factor when you need to feel your best. Desk workers have specific challenges when it comes to nutrition. Participants will learn how to structure breakfast and lunch for maximum productivity, as well as navigate snacking at work, and learn the most important hour of the day for nutrition when you work at a desk.


9 Benchmarks to Extraordinary Health


Employees will learn nine areas to focus on to take their health to the next level. In this seminar, we break down simple and measurable goals of what actions your employees should be taking on their own to increase their health and energy at work.

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