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Brainstorm new ideas and get them off the ground.


Workday Warriors offers consulting services to help you brainstorm, plan, and execute corporate wellness ideas. We bring our unique perspectives and experience of what has worked with other companies—and what has not. We can help plan single events or can help you plan your entire year of corporate wellness. Here are a few of services we provide:


On-site Gym Builds


We can offer our expertise in helping design a gym that will actually get used by employees. We will design employee surveys, select and negotiate for equipment, and provide workouts for your new gym.


Employee Appreciation Gift Baskets


Tired of showing your appreciation of your employees with fruit baskets? Help facilitate a culture of health and corporate wellness with our super-healthy gift baskets.


Private Facebook Coaching for Employees


Dedicated private Facebook group, facilitated by a health professional, for a small group or the entire company.


Micro-Break Activity Station Set Up


Stressful time at work? Have us come and set up a station full of de-stressing activities and tools that employees can come use at any time of the day.


Company Health & Fitness Report


Want to know what fitness activities, stairs, hikes and health foods are available within a certain radius of your company, complete with a map to find it all? We’ve got you covered.

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