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On-Site Exercise

Reduce costs, show your workforce some love, and attract the best talent with our innovative on-site exercise programs.


Our on-site health and exercise programs are where we really shine.


Our goal is to make you look good by providing a high-end fitness experience for all employees. We work to build camaraderie, focus on fun, and make sure we provide an appropriate workout for all employees during our classes.


We understand the unique needs of larger groups and are experts at meeting the needs of many different fitness levels within the confines of one class. In all our onsite health and exercise programs, all participants will feel they get the workout they deserve.


We offer boot camps, yoga, and various other fitness classes. All of these on-site exercise programs will be modified for each company, including days, times, and appropriate length of classes.


21-Day Challenges


We come to your company and deliver a 30- or 60-minute fitness class every week day (for 21 calendar days), provide printed workouts for employees to complete on weekends, and offer daily email support.


The entire philosophy of this program is to create a daily habit of exercise. After 21 days, it will feel weird not to get exercise each day! Nothing gets results, builds camaraderie, and boosts employee morale much like our 21-day challenges. We offer boot camp and yoga versions of this challenge.


Fitness Sneak Attacks


These quick and easy sneak attacks are a great way to liven a stressful day at the office or to just keep the employees on their toes. Our team will “sneak” into your company and get all the employees up and moving through a workout. We are usually done in less than 10 minutes. Then it’s back to work!


Ongoing Fitness Classes


If you’re looking to add fitness classes as a regular part of your company culture, we can help! Our expert staff can provide all the equipment, structure, and inspiration for your ongoing fitness vision. Our fitness classes are adaptable to each corporation’s needs. We offer a variety of fitness classes, such as boot camps and yoga.


Employee Appreciation Fitness Classes


Looking for a way to reward employees for a job well done? Have Workday Warriors come on-site to provide a fitness class to reward hard-working employees and finish it up with a green smoothie!

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