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About Workday Warriors

At Workday Warriors, we have one important focus––to turn every desk in the world into a place of energy, movement, and health.


That’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, and it’s what we want to provide for you and your company.


Since 2009, we’ve been helping HR leaders increase the value of their wellness programs, create a culture of health, and provide focus to their wellness initiatives. Workday Warriors will show you that your corporate wellness program need not be boring. In fact, it can deliver fun, energy, and a new vibrancy to your workplace.

About Workday Warriors wellness program
About Workday Warriors

We know you’ve brought in experts in corporate wellness before, and you may have been less than impressed with the results. Getting maximum employee engagement is something many consultants get wrong, leaving HR professionals with another failed wellness initiative.


With Workday Warriors, our wellness programs are people-driven—not website-driven.


We develop relationships directly with the employees to drive long-term behavior change—we don’t hide behind a computer screen. We know long-term health behavior is unlikely to change for your employees unless they have the support of professionals, are engaged in the wellness program, and are given the appropriate plan for where they are at in their journey.


The opposite of most corporate wellness consultants.



Brian White Workday Warriors

Brian White

I strive to have fun in my journey through life, learn from my mistakes, and be a positive force in the life of others.


I once slept in past 7 a.m. Once. In 2006, when I was sick.


I try to eat mostly plants, pasture-raised proteins, and 80 percent organic.


I consider my Vitamix blender a living, breathing family member.


I value sleep more than anything when it comes to dealing with cravings.


I climbed the mountaineer’s route on Mt. Whitney in 2006.


I won’t ever run 26.2 miles again, but I love a good mud run.


I got my kids to call the ice cream truck the “yuck” truck—at least for a couple of years!

Reyci Martorell Workday Warriors

Reyci Martorell

An optimist at heart, lifelong student, and former college soccer player who remembers past dates and memories through sporting events.


As a child, my family debated for a week whether to get a beta or VHS VCR…luckily we chose VHS.


Prior to personal training, I worked for the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, and ESPN.


I believe it takes three weeks to create a positive habit.


I believe in dreaming big.


I once ran a marathon without training.


I am a graduate from University of Miami and a diehard Canes fan.

Joe Morstad Workday Warriors

Joseph Morstad

Improvement seeker in life and the gym, who is pretty good at quoting movie lines and believes in John Wooden’s definition of success.


I started working out in high school to make the baseball team.


I ended up playing golf.


I love eating healthy foods. Really!


I have come to see my inflammatory bowel disease as a gift and help others with it.


I am one of the slowest eaters in San Diego, maybe all of California.


I believe that building and living with strength is beautiful.


I completed my first sprint triathlon using my mom’s mountain bike.

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